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This blog is a story blog and is meant to be read from the first post, if you read it out of order it might not always make sense. This story is in no way connected with my other one except by the fact that they are both written by me.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Brave or dumb?

Hmm, even more sightings of those beetles. I think I know what they remind me of from the future, tanks. If the ants invented tanks they will have artillery next... I don't think that this is biological warfare anymore. I have even seen groups of ants doing raids on my cellar and I have reason to believe they have formed cities or even countries. Right under my floors to boot. I wonder what kind of government they have...
They had better have some serious plans though because I could get to their Capitol by lifting up a floorboard. Let me tell you something, if my castle was that easily acessable the little country I'm ruling wouldn't have lasted even this long. I wonder if the ants tribes are at war or peace right now.
The tanks running around could just be protection for ant squads against people (the villagers are terrified of the booming beetles as they call them) or they could be protection from other tribes of ants. This is getting very complicated because an ant war could stop all intercity trading. The horses are just as scared as the people of the tanks and the cats are more scared of them than that. The ants run free through the streets because they always avoid the barracks and patrolmen. Those and the dogs are the only ones brave enough (or stupid enough) to get near the ant squads. Several patrolling soldiers have gone running back to the barracks tearing off as much of his armour as he could to get to the biting ants. I'm not sure what to do if this is a peacetime between the ants...

Friday, June 10, 2011

"Beetles" now?

Well so far castle life has been kinda boring, all I have to do is walk around making sure that the soldiers are well taken care of. Yeah that's a good thing to do but it's incredibly boring. The ants are much more interesting. There seems to be a new kind of bug infestation though, people have been seeing strange beetles that run around. They also are apparently allied with the ants because there has been witnesses to seeing ants ride on the "beetles".
here I've drawn a crude representation of what the townsfolk have described them as.
... It seems very similar to something I saw when I was in the future/dream. I still cant decide so from here on I'll just call it the future. Now it's getting wierd though because with these beetles there is actual worry about my documents. A count had his papers stolen right out from under his nose by a small troop of beetles.
... Sorry for the pause there. My cat just saw one of the beetles and jumped on it. When it did though I heard a small boom as if the beetle had a hollow spot in it's shell and something was banging on it or maybe it shot something. There was also a very small burn mark on the floor after it left. Do the beetles use acid?
this newest development causes more worry because if the reaction with whatever the beetle has was big enough it could cause a house fire. If you will excuse me I have to go tell this newest development to my advisors.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

More missing stuff

The ants are getting more brazen, the alchemists reported a few small vials of chemicals gone missing as well as a few books on the subjects of war and mechanics. Ants can't tell what a books about though...right? Also the blacksmith is missing an ingot of iron and some gold scraps are gone from the goldsmith. The crumbs are continuing to disappear as normal but I have one question, why are these ants taking such strange articles? Luckily nothing important yet besides my cookies. I think thats because Jarvis is keeping all my documents in a locked box though. The reasons he gave is he didn't want rodents eating them or creepy crawlies (human or insect) walking off with them. I told him he didn't have to worry about bugs taking castle documents but he reminded me again of the books taken from the alchemists library.
The castle is in a hubbub today though because the worn troops just marched in today! They were besieged but suffered very little losses. I was extremely glad that casualties were low because it WAS a war. War equals bloodshed on both sides. That's why I like and don't like war. Hoorah's for the troops troops marching in! And mourning for the ones who aren't.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ants in my pants

Are you serious? I said I didn't want to share that much!
They are seriously in my clothes, why would they be in there? With the exception of one pair of trousers there's no food in them... I'm starting to think about using that brew now. Any ideas?
The villagers are starting to complain as well. I don't blame them, if I only had one pair of pants and their were ants in my pants I wouldn't be too happy either. One of the duchesses lost her gold ring and many of the maids lost their copper bracelets. What are those ants thinking? Do we possibly have a rat AND an ant infestation? I don't know but I'm starting to wonder about those ants.
I'm also starting to worry about those troops, they havent reported back yet and that makes me very nervous. If they were to fail on the first mission I sent them on that would look really bad for me.
Hope my troops return safely home soon (either that or report back to me) because if not I'll have to send out even more troops to find them.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Aw man, really?

My cookies are gone! Dagnabbit, I had snuck a few cookies out of the kitchen and now they are gone. I wanted those, I bet the ants took them... Maybe I should get some of that brew from the wizards? No, if they weren't willing to put it near their books I'm not putting it in my house. Arg, I guess I'll just have to share my house with them. I wanted to share a little less of my house than that though.
I just found out from the head wizard, Mathew, said that they are missing some laboratory equipment. Could the ants possibly have taken lab stuff? Why would they take that, they can't eat it. I almost got blamed for it too, good thing I'm king or I might have gotten a whooping.
... Oh and I almost forgot, the alliance is in a war now so I get to test my troops skill. Wish all the men (and horses too I guess) good luck!

First day of the ant siege

Well so far so good. Nothing missing from my house yet although the alchemists shop is being swarmed... Maybe they like the sweet smelling potions? I don't know but I'm just glad the are only ants. If they for example had guns, airplanes and artillery they could be a serious threat.
I hope they keep leaving us alone and stop swarming the alchemists, the wizards found them all over their books and climbing in and out of their apparatus when they woke up this morning and quickly worked up a brew. They poured it all around their equipment so the ants wouldn't dare go near it. They are still crawling around in the library though because the wizards didn't want to pour the liquid near the books for fear they might get wet or... Let's just leave it at that.
Anyway, I'm glad the ants are lame although I was hoping to see a few raids on my kitchen. The chefs have hilarious reactions to bugs.

Monday, June 6, 2011

The attack of the ants

I thought I was ready and able to join an alliance so I sent messaengers out to the alliance diplomat and after a few relays of messengers he accepted me into the alliance.
I had one of the smallest kingdoms out of anyone there but they all enjoyed my company. They said I provided comic relief in such a stressful environment and I was glad. I couldn't help very much with troop support or anything but at least I was helping.
While in the alliance I made many friends and some of us persuaded our wizards to let us use their crystal balls to talk to each other. Others had very stubborn wizards and so had to send messengers but besides them we all had a grand time. During one of the chats I got a message from a nearby ruler and since I was in a playful mood I sent back a comical retort. The ruler got angry and so decided that this was the time to use a new type of biological warfare her wizard had invented. They had created very intelligent ants that were meant to torture people by eating their food and just being everywhere. They snuck them in on horseback (since they hadn't figured out how to make the ants march to where they wanted them)and dumped them in various spots throughout the village. Most of them unfourtunately by my house...
Here is where I am in life. In a wonderful alliance. I have my own house and tree hideout thing. I have the most interesting backstory of any king you can find and just a few days ago I had a modified species of ants dumped in my backyard. This brings you up to date and so the next time will be about my everyday life... With ants involved.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

A new house

I got my architect and told him what I wanted. I wanted something functional but home like. I wanted something I could live in but entertain nobles in as well. He came up with a marvelous solution and all I had to do was pick materials.
It was very similar to the house I... Knew. It had a lovely stone base but wood planks farther up and it gave it a very comfortable look. On the inside it had a high foyer for greeting guests, a proper dinning hall for holding meetings and small feasts, a parlor for holding parties,a large kitchen, a spacious cellar and a nice amount of rooms for a small squad of servants.
On the outside it had a garden for the cooks, a small chicken coop for eggs and perfect climbing tree. It was an enormous maple and had branches going out perfectly straight, I can't imagine a better tree to sit in. I secretly stole some boards and nails from the project and I figured out that if timed properly I could pound the nails at the same time as the carpenters and no one would hear me. Pretty soon I had a crude ladder going up the trunk and now I had a not so kingly (but very convenient) hiding spot.
My house was situated with a wood behind it and a pond before it, it was far enough from the castle to not hear the hubbub but close enough to see it and walk to it, I highly approved of it and decided I wouldn't just spend time here I would live here.
I made sure all the rooms were furnished and moved three cooks, a maid, a butler, a guard and Jarvis in and we fit quite comfortably.
The house was perfect, it had class and space for parties but was small enough to feel warm and comfortable. I liked my room the best, it had a splendid view of the pond.
In war I might move to the castle because I didn't want a knife in my back but besides that it was perfect in every way I could think of
Now in the next part of the story I shall join an alliance and make friends with neighboring cities but untill then I have to finish cleaning my new room, Jarvis says it will help build character.