About My Diary

This blog is a story blog and is meant to be read from the first post, if you read it out of order it might not always make sense. This story is in no way connected with my other one except by the fact that they are both written by me.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Siblings ahoy

They are on their way. The siblings that is, Dave how do you think having brothers and sisters would be? It sure would be interesting since I've never had any...
I'll ask Jarvis what's it's like since I believe he had a good family. Dave do you have a family? I bet your father was a dictionary and your mother was a thesaurus. Your brothers were just like you, wonderful journals and your sisters diaries.
Hehe, journals having families, hilarious.
Well since the ants are going through normally(tech advances not so much but the weapons already there are improving slowly)and there's nothing else to talk about I'll let you do your thing Dave.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

I have family?

I decided that I really needed a break today, I told my generals to do what they thought was in the best judgement of the people and the ecomony advisors to continue production on whatever. I also found out that I have two brothers and a sister, I was interested because in the future I had no siblings. I'm trying to decide whether or not to invite them to the castle but I do think it would be fun.
If we go the topic of the ants, they have accepted my treaty. If I help train their "soldiers" and give them garbage they will cease fire whenever commanded and refrain from attacking just for the sake of attacking.
I sure hope they keep the treaty, I think it will slow the production of you know what's too...

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I'm always being interrupted

We are under attack by zero again, luckily this time it appears zero damage has been done, Get it? Zero damage, hehe.
Anyway, I still have some attacks on the way I hear so I'm readying my troops. They should pose too much of a threat but still, I'm worried.
Now away from the topic of zero and into our clan.
There's an operation coming up soon, all the clan is going to attack certain targets. After we hopefully capture them we slowly advance into enemy territory.
Sounds risky to me but there's a few dozen guys working in the operation, I think we'll be ok.
As for the ants... I haven't heard much but some of them might think they still have to be on their best behavior, and am I going to complain?
Shut up that was a rhetorical question.
Anyway, as I was saying before I was [ahem] interrupted, the ants are quiet and I'm happy.
I haven't observed any military advances but I haven't been talking about it in my diary. So maybe that is how they developed their stuff... That's frustrating to know that all that chaos was because I was talking about technology in front of curious, intelligent, genetically modified ants.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Silver and gold

Some of the guys in our clan just got word we disbanded, they don't use the crystal balls for communication so we had to send a letter manually. It took a day for the messenger to get out there. They are now deciding if they are going to join us or what. The one king took all the way till tonight to get the message because he was on vacation for the day (the other kings/queens got it this morning). He started freaking out over the crystal ball... What a good example for his people.
Anyway, the clan we joined is thrilled to have so many new good quality members and I'm thrilled I'm in a good clan with my old friends. As the saying goes, make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Frustrating new friends

Oh my gosh, my new clan has a wierd thing they force the new guys to do.
Host a party at their castle!
I thought I'd never get those bum zerks outa my house. My wine cellar is empty my pantry looks worse than when ants come through and my yard is a disaster.
I found a solution for a few things though, the squires and their pikes make great garbage boys, the pikes make it so they don't even have to bend over to pick up garbage.
And since we dont have vacuums I made a deal with the ants, of they can carry it they can have it(as long as it's on the floor). They started clearing off my floors in a jiffy.
Also I never would have guessed but black knights make splendid bouncers. Those saders never knew what by them man, one minute they were starting a brawl and the next they were flying through the air.
Another downside is I kept having to explain I didn't drink. Apparently there's no rules about minors, if the parents allow it they can drink it... Which is kinda disturbing, I think I'll be the one who invents the minor laws.
Anyway, they were a pain and they are finally gone... So I think I'll take a nap while the squires finish up.