About My Diary

This blog is a story blog and is meant to be read from the first post, if you read it out of order it might not always make sense. This story is in no way connected with my other one except by the fact that they are both written by me.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ok ok, I'm bad at secrets

Ok ok, I changed my mind. I'm bad at keeping secrets. He suggested that we hire a jester to liven up the atmosphere. And I agree because I'm tired of being the only one telling jokes. Really funny jokes that they don't even get because it flies right over there head like a mortar. I crash and burn just like one too.
The idea of a jester is also bad though because it will decrease productivity... Oh wait. Who am I fooling. I'm the only one doing anything kingdom related anyway so as long as I stay on track we can't lose any productivity. And since watching people laugh instead of yawn is much more cheerfull I'll definitely put it on my to-do-list. I'll write it in right behind annoying pastry chef... Long story.

I have a secret! And I'm not telling!

One of my advisors actually made a good suggestion today. But that wasn't the amazing part, the amazing part was that he didn't make an intelligent comment by accident! It was actually purposeful! I don't think I have ever gotten a comment that was purposefully intelligent before, I like it. And guess what, I'm not going to tell you what it was. Ha! I'm such a tease, too bad all my servants and guards are too dim to appreciate my wit. They just think I'm crazy.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Gold koi fish

To cheer me up a thoughtful peasant who heard my grandpa died sent me some koi for my pond outside. They make lovely distractions when I'm up in my tree perch. Although a good bit bigger than goldfish that's what I thought they were untill Jarvis told me otherwise. It's nice needing Jarvis for things besides my selfish human nature. I can actually use his help sorting and filing papers organizing meetings and other tasks while I do the stuff only I can do (unfortunately). Such as making decisions, signing documents ,and talking to stupid advisors, that I wouldn't even trust as a visor let alone an advisor due to the fact they think they are so holy. I love how the ants are so peacefull, it really helps me keep track of my kingdom. I don't have to be keeping track of them all the time because I know right where they are. In the appointed drop off areas. Remember, those ones at the bakeries.
All in all I would agree that it's going along okay.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Time cut short

Unfortunately my grandpa died and my siblings had to return home before we could spend too much time together. Even though they left right away I hope they get back in time. It takes a while for the message to travel all the way here and then them to get all the way there. It's sad but I don't feel any connection to him. Which part is sadder, me not feeling any connection or my grandpa dying I don't know but his death has triggered strange things. I somehow have memories of him doing various things with me. Its the first memory from this timeline and not the future one. It's kind of like dejavu except that the last time you saw it is still 300 years in the future.
I guess since I don't have any excuse for my break now I'll have to come back. It was fun being just a kid in a palace but now I have to be king of the castle. I hope that I can keep my kingdom afloat through all these wars and trails. And I also hope I can keep it floating metaphorically because literally would really stink.