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This blog is a story blog and is meant to be read from the first post, if you read it out of order it might not always make sense. This story is in no way connected with my other one except by the fact that they are both written by me.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Too dang close

O man, those guys almost took over my town! I was out helping a friend defend his town and then, BAM. there were dudes everywhere. Luckily my dumb advisors did something right and sent a message to my allies with the crystal balls. My alliance sent support troops and we drove off the attackers right before they invaded the castle. I was lucky I have such good allies
The ants were too scared to fight but I think that if I explain they can attack people attacking us and give them some military tactics they will be valuable allies. Afterall no matter how smart they are they still have small brains so they still get confused.
I'm exhausted from all the fighting today even though I wasn't in combat. There was confusion everywhere and I was trying to direct it all!
I don't have much to say and since my brain is melting I am going to go to bed. Right after saying good night to all the tribes.

The Marines, Airforce and Navy... ant style

Hmm, hmm, hmm... Sorry I like appearing intelligent. I was pretending to meditate. Well, I like the new castle life, none. I've been able to do all my work in my "cottage" or "homely hovel" as Jarvis describes it. I'm glad to spend time in my home instead of that cold hard stone castle full of courters and butlers and those retarded advisors. I get to spend time with Jarvis, I dont have any dates and best of all I have all three factions of ants to study right next to my house. I am able to observe them perfect technology at an astonishing rate and wonder if I was making history. I mean think about it. Since they are creating technology before it's invented, maybe we learned from them! It could be a huge conspiracy theory! If we discovered one of their contraptions while digging up medival artifacts they could learn from it. In 10 years the ants will probably have circuits and stuff instead of levers, pulleys, wheels and their own strength. They could easily make computers. And then so the ants wouldn't distroy us they used their technology against them and brainwashed them, watered down their genes... Ok nowi think I'm getting a little too wierd but it could happen! ... I think.
Well away from the conspiracy theories and onto the ants themselves. The "marant" ants are doing pretty good, they got their artillery perfected and just figured out bazookas. I got the treaty just in time! The "antforce" are ok too. No new developments though. It's amazing they can fly at all so if they are a little behind that's ok. The "blue" group hasn't gotten too much farther either but I think the sizes of their ships are increasing.
Well I got to go, the ants want some supplies and I'm trying to grant their wish since they're asking instead of just taking.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Stupid past, start being future!

Dang, sorry guys. My quill pen wasn't working so I went to get a new one and while I was gone a cat must have tipped over my inkwell. It ruined the whole page and I didn't have anymore ink. I went down to the alchemists to get some more and they were closed, why can't they invent ball-point pens already?
Ok I have good news and bad news... what? No sorry since I always say the bad first I dont care what you want first. The bad news is that Zero took over one of my alliance mates. They invaded and captured all his towns and he had to flee for his life! We'll get those Zero yet... I hope... You see the problem is that their members are twice as big as our larger members. We're pretty outclassed in size. I hope we can work together well enough to overcome that!
The good news is that the ants have been SO peaceful that I have nothing to write about. No wars or battles. Not any noteworthy pantry raids. Not even a metal magpie sighting!
Where did they go? It makes me nervous because it remind me of the calm before the storm...

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Back to chaos

Im back! It was a succsefull campaign, all the ants agreed and buried the hatchet. My treasurer is overjoyed. We saved an average of three roof repairs a day for two days now and the savings are still racking up. The navies are quiet the planes haven't been spotted plus the booming beetles have been silent.
The villagers have been ordered to be exceedingly careful near the "bases" and I set up "ant zones" three inches thick around a few wall in each house so they can travel in relative safety. To get to the pantry though they have to take the risk of accidents. They can't be purposefully stepping on/harming the ants but if it's an accident then it's the ants fault for not being in the ant zone.
Castle life has been great too, no dates, no meetings and no annoying advisors since I've been too busy.
The alliance has been going through troubles though. Remember the clan we were at war with? Well we added another enemy and the most dangerous one "zero" (probably standing for zero enemies left) has been advancing into our territory. During one of our raids we took over a city and the one guy said that if we handed over the town he wouldn't attack us!
These guys are much bigger than us and we are going to have quite a fight, I wonder how well they work together if some of the members are secretly blackmailing people behind the leaders back...