About My Diary

This blog is a story blog and is meant to be read from the first post, if you read it out of order it might not always make sense. This story is in no way connected with my other one except by the fact that they are both written by me.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

A tour in the age of kings

After almost two whole weeks living the castle life I got to one of those days I just couldn't think of anything to do. I realized I still hadn't toured the grounds and hunted down Jarvis, he wasn't too hard to find, all I had to do was turn around and he was walking straight for me. "Jarvis" I asked, "remember that day when you brought me here and wanted to show me the sights around the castle? Can we do that now?"
"Of course sire, I was wondering if you had forgotten," smiled Jarvis
We immediately snuck out of the castle (it was almost time for the second lesson so we didn't want to be seen) and headed for the miller. "I think you will enjoy almost all our stops." Jarvis told me, "They all have their points of interest." And indeed I enjoyed the miller very much. It was a lovely white building with huge "sails" and it had 3 stories each with it's own function. Each floor had a large clutter of gears in the middle that were very confusing but were fun to dodge. It was fun to run up and down the ladders to watch it go through the process even if it wasn't very king like. Next was the blacksmith who was just as interesting, I could have stayed there and watched him shape the red hot armor all day if Jarvis hadn't dragged me out. The goldsmith was similar but even more mesmerizing, he used the smallest hammer you have ever seen and sometimes just his gloved hand to form a lovely ring for the countess while I was there. After that came the stable but we skipped it since I knew it and went right to the barracks. Soldiers and archers were everywhere, dueling, shooting and doing drills. I even got to shoot a kindly archers bow wich was great fun. After that we took a horseback ride to see where our resources came from, it looked like very hard work but it was funny to watch them from the top of the hill, swarming through the trees and the stones to mine the precious ores, find clay pockets and chop trees. Even though the smithys were fun and the barracks suberb i think that the alchemists was the best stop. This was were all the wizards were trained and the potions concocted and I loved watching them create new things, There was a very large library of science notes and books as well. Last but not least we walked through the residences where the middle classes lived, this part made me wish I had a home like I had... Or had in my dream.(I don't know and I really care anymore it's been so long) As we rode back to the castle I started forming plans for my own residence, it would be much more enjoyable than the cold stone castle and also I wouldnt have to listen to the constant chatter of maids and advisors...

Friday, June 3, 2011

Wash, rinse and repeat

Well I can say after a full day of vigourous testing on history I have learned one thing. Don't lean on your arm funny or you can't write!
I'm telling you it's killer, try it someday in a math class and see. Anyway, after school I was exhausted, I wanted to just text some pals... Try doing that when there is a couple hundred year gap between you and them. Then again I wasn't sure they existed any more.
I decided that this is when boys useless knowledge comes in handy and I started creating paper airplanes of every size and description. It was exceedingly funny to float them down into the moat and watch the guards tremble in fear at the "terrible ghost" they saw. A few of them ran inside and immediately got sent back out, their faces were ashen and I almost felt sorry for those few. After I got bored of that I took some rubber I found (one of the alchemists must have dropped it) and I twisted it into a crude rubber band. When a man servant or maid would walk by I would try and shoot them with my toy and was entertained for another short while by the ones I hit, especially the ones carrying trays. I finally exhausted myself of things to do and so I showed Jarvis my airplanes. I showed him the enormous joke I had played on the guards and he reprimanded me... I could tell he thought it was hilarious though. (later he even asked me how I made them)
Day after day past with the annoying cycle of school/advisors,pranks and showing Jarvis the tricks I had learned with coins and such. They weren't bad days but the only excitement I had was riding horses, even that came with the heavy price of many bruises and scrapes(much the chagrin of the tailors).
I slowly began getting accustomed to castle life and grew more experienced in the arts. Soon I even grew familiar enough with war that I was able to conduct my own diplomacy and raids (of course under supervision but still, I did the work myself)
when I continue the story we shall pick up at the part in wich I tour the grounds.

No fair!

I was once again (yes, that's one of my favorite sayings) woken up by my cheerful caretaker. He told me that it was time to get dressed and brush up because it was almost time for school.
"SCHOOL? I thought I was a king!"
"Indeed you are sire but I hope you realize that that's exactly why you have to go, you have to learn how to rule an entire kingdom!"
grumbling under my breath I got dressed in my funky clothes again but as I did so I realized that I still didn't know my advisors name... Since he thought I had lost my memory I played along with it and said, "pardon me but I can't recall your name... It's on the tip of my tongue but I can't remember. "My name is Jarvis sire... I do hope you get your memory back soon. Now lets have breakfast and start our day shall we?"
Directly after breakfast Jarvis asked me what we should do. "It seems that you have forgotten almost everything so would you like me to tour the grounds with you sire or take you to your tutor?"
well I knew what a tutor was from books and I wasnt happy about doing school but I looked out the window and the castle grounds were simply enormous and I really didn't feel like going for a hike that day.
"I think that the tour can wait Jarvis, I'll see the tutor now."
"ok sire, right this way."
He led me through a maze of hallways it seemed and I wondered how anyone could remember how to get through the castle. When we finally we got there Jarvis said good luck and left.
I was all alone for a short while now so questions started spinning in my head, am I really the king? Was my old life a dream? Should I have acted differently? ... Should I have taken the tour and gotten out of school? I decided to down at the only desk like object just as my tutor walked in. He was a wise looking old man and reminded me very much of a wizard in his robe. After he walked over to the front of the room he immediately began firing questions,
"Do you remember how to read? Can you still write? Shall I show you how to ride a horse again?" I told him I could still read and write but I would need some help with horses again.
He grunted and told me "today is history then, tommorow will be horses." He then handed me a book that looked to be the history of my kingdom...

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Waking up... again

As I woke up yet again I straightened my back and then froze. In front of me was a castle! An actual castle! I wondered how this medival village and CASTLE had just appeared... I couldn't decide what was a dream and what wasn't so I kept my mouth closed. As we got nearer and nearer to the castle though I could tell it was actually real and also realized we were going in. I had never been in a castle before and certainly never met anyone that worked in a castle so I was shocked when the guard spoke my name like I was a close friend. After saying my name though he quickly stammered out an apology and bowed before me. This of course did NOT help my poor brain. We rode through the courtyard and then the garden and I admired the types of flowers i had never seen before. We finally got to the stable and I actually dismounted on the first try.
we then entered into the castle through a backdoor and my confusion continued
As we walked through the castle I noticed that everyone seemed glad to see the group I was in and not one person gave me a stare or second glance as any person would do to a stranger in their home. This made me start thinking that maybe I actually was a king... No one could pull a prank this elaborate, right?
I was walked Down a hallway with what I think are called tapestries on each side and pictures of a person I supposed was the king they said I was replacing... Yay.
I wonder if it was actually sickness that caused his death... actually I changed my mind I don't want to know.
we got to a large door and then all but my caretaker dispersed to different parts of the castle. He opened the doors and I was greeted by a large four poster bed and a full wall picture of either me or my twin... Which I don't have.
Sorry, no I don't have an evil twin.
He then tried to undress me but I firmly refused, I might have been tired but not disabled.
I sunk into the covers and once again, drifted... Off... To sleep.

Exceedingly Confused

I woke up to a horrible tasting drink being poured down my throat and a cheery "Good morning Sire." The drink was indeed nasty but woke me up quickly.
What was that? NO! It wasn't alchohol! and no I can't prove it. now please, is it possible for you to just listen? No, stop it, You don't listen with your mouth, now do you want to hear it or not?
Now apparently it was the next morning, from the position of the sun... What little I could see through the trees. My poor mom, she's going to be worried sick. After breakfast and a few failed attempts they managed to help me up onto a horse behind my caretaker (who I had found out was my friend and advisor supposedly). To my delight we started off in the direction of my house. Wich I thought was great news, Mom would surely see me out the window since we have a lovely wood veiw and would set all this straight. But after traveling for a little while though I noticed that the woods showed no signs of thinning out and I couldn't see the bright red brick of my house.
I didn't know what to think now but was starting to consider that the red brick house I knew was the dream and not the place I was in.
I fell asleep yet again at about eleven, we had left the woods and were now on a small dirt road. I was dead tired and didn't care though hence the reason I fell asleep.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Now Where Was I?

Ok, I'm ready to get this off my chest, it's a story I've wanted to tell for a while.
Now where was I... Oh yes! I had just passed out.
Well when I woke up There was a strangely dressed man leaning over me. When he saw me open my eyes he excitedly proclaimed,"The king is alright!"
Wondering why a king would be out in the woods and what could have happened to him I looked around for this "king".
I finally realized that he meant ME!
"I'm sorry sir, I am not the king". He looked at me worriedly and started whispering to some others (that were just as strangely clad) that I hadn't noticed before.
He then said,"don't you remember sire? Your Father the late king has passed away of illness and my lord is now the King."
Even more confused now I of course said "No I don't remember and I know I'm not a king."
Now why I didn't just take the credit for being king I don't know but at the time that's what I did.
the strangely clad man now gave me a pitiful exspression that greatly displeased me and proceeded to tell everyone that I had hit my head and had been set back a few years, they must be patient because I might not remember everything.
Right before I drifted off to sleep again I noticed that strangely I was dressed in similar clothes as my peculiar caretaker and never remembered changing...

The Story Begins

I was quite bored, yes I know you were thinking... Wait, wasn't he supposed to say,"a long time ago"? No I wasn't, I can start how I want.
Anyway, I was quite bored and was literally lying around. I had nothing better to do and so I decided a walk wouldn't hurt. I love listening to the birds.
I'm not sure what happened inbetween the woods and here because it was a long time ago and... yes I know, I could have started my story,"a long time ago" then couldn't I? No, remember. My story, I can start it how I want. Now stop interrupting, I'm trying to explain how I got here before I get into my every day life.
All I remember is admiring the trees and such and listening to the lovely birds when... My memory stops, I must have fallen asleep or gotten knocked unconscious because next thing I knew, I was here! Now where here is ,is what I'm going to tell you next time.