About My Diary

This blog is a story blog and is meant to be read from the first post, if you read it out of order it might not always make sense. This story is in no way connected with my other one except by the fact that they are both written by me.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Talking to Dave again.

I got into a clan yesterday, they seem a little more strict but I guess that's a good thing.
The ants are now back at it and so are my villagers. Now that moral is back up everyone's just as whiny and pathetic as always, the ants are just as violent as they were and my advisors are back to giving bad advice. To be honest I liked it when everyone was trying to be calm and conserved. The advisors gave better advice when they had to actuality think too.
My castle life was "interesting" yesterday to say the least...
My "relatives" came over, they seemed to know everything about me and I knew nothing about them, I had to play "amnesia" again.
I learned a lof about what I "used to do" too.
To say the least it was creepy.
Now I want to tell you some about my relatives as I want my stuff to stay secret, you never know what these ants might spread around (I know for sure now that they read my diary).
My aunt Rachel is an artist she loves painting people especially.
My uncle Adam is really cool, he's an inventor and is pretty good at it too, I wouldn't be suprised if he was one of the tutors for Da-Vinci Leonardo! That would be wierd...
I only have one cousin, Uzziah and he was kind of a pain while he was here but seemed like he would have been fun if I had known him longer.
Anyway those three royal pains (haha get it) were the reason I didn't talk yesterday Dave.
I'm glad I can talk to someone besides Jarvis.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

If only you could help Dave

I don't have an alliance yet but then again the clan hasn't disbanded yet. I have a potential invite and straight from a reliable source. I hope I can get into this clan with my leaders, that would be cool. Alliance or not though zero won't discriminate, they're eventually going to attack me, clan or not. And my people aren't happy about it. I'm in a vicious trap. On one side I have my advisors, on another my civilians on yet another the ants... None of these groups are patient... I imagine this is why the life of a king would be unpleasant. It really does stink Dave.
I feel much better when it feels like I'm talking to a person... I probably should have named you sooner Dave, it's much more comforting.
If only naming my town or castle would make everyone else more comfortable.
Well I hope this gets settled soon or I'm going to start losing settlers. Either with deaths from zero or from them just leaving.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Treaties put on hold and the alliance torn

I told the ants that the bartering was going to have to be out on hold. I was forcing a treaty temporarily. My clan was being split up since it was in the best inerest of all the members. It was unfourtunate but a wise decision.
Since I was going to be joining a new alliance I wanted the ants to be on their best behavior for just a few days before continuing their normal lives. I knew it might lower moral but it isn't going to lower the ants moral as much as it will lower my settlers moral if I have no alliance. The breaking up of the Aliance has caused enough disturbance but if I had no alliance they might panic next time we are attacked... The troops could hold them off and everything but it's a security thing. It's a feeling of companionship and safety in numbers that they feel. And I rather agree, I would have gone insane long ago in this ancient setting if Jarvis wasn't around. Or if I couldn't think of all those marvelous pranks.
For example, yesterday I put some tar on my prime ministers seat. It was dark brown leather so he didn't eeven see it. It was histerical, the reason I won't say why but let's just say that he was wearing a pair of silk tights that day and when he got up a certain group of young ladies didn't enjoy the veiw.
Dave, it was the best prank yet. Next I need to grease a black knights saddle...

Monday, July 18, 2011

Zeros abound

Well the ants seemed to like the deal but they refused to accept on the spot. Try did however agree to hold a counsil of the ants and decide plus until then they would cease warring. I thought that was great because even if they refused I would have a day or two to come up with something new.
Also on a side note, I'm pretty sure the ants have spies... I have had several things that could only be known if you were very small found out. Such as where my cookies are... again.
And what I'm writing in my diary before the day is over, I'm not positive but I have reasons to believe its true.
As for castle life, Zero is at it today too. I had over 20 waves coming at me according to my sources. Fortunately most of them were just for diversionary purposes but a good number weren't and my towns took a good bit of damage. The inner parts of my cities are fine but the outer rim near the walls was devistated, the trebuchets mercilessly beat down the whole area around the walls and they were actually leveled. They are almost up to full strength again but that's a lot of workers not working on houses or something equally important.
How can I get Zero down to Zero and have Zero ants?

Sunday, July 17, 2011

I want zero ants but no Zero

Hmm, I might have an idea to bribe the ants. What if I made a special pickup station at my bakeries where all the scraps ants would be interested in would be put untill nightfall. In return for free, dangerless food they would promise to give a 3 day notice and a reason before staring a war unless attacked by ants/people that didn't live in the town.
The other idea that I might use instead of or ontop of the previous idea is that I trainthem in human warfare. This would benifit me in three ways.
1. They would stop fighting or I would stop training.
2. They would be able to help defend my town.
3. Their movements would be more predictable at (least to me) if they made my way of war a habit.
I think I have a pretty good deal for their side so tomorrow I'm going to present it.
Oh and remember how I said I wanted zero ants? Well I meant none, now we have Zero problems again. We had driven them out but they are invading again, they even took over one of our towns, those traitorous settlers all went with them too.
I wish they were the definition of their names. Zero, they would be a lot less trouble if there was none of them.