About My Diary

This blog is a story blog and is meant to be read from the first post, if you read it out of order it might not always make sense. This story is in no way connected with my other one except by the fact that they are both written by me.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

A fair sight

I awoke in a sweat to fair music... Like as in carnival music. Was I dreaming? Or is this a dream... Which tense is my dream in? [wham] OW, past tense. I'm not dreaming right now, I just banged my shin on the dresser. What a kingly thing to do.
I'm suprised that I forgot that today was the fair, I must have been too busy helping my siblings. I wonder how much was a dream? Is Adam really a jerk or was that just a dream and the first days they were here he was just tired... I hope he was just tired and I was dreaming.
Fair here I come, who cares if I'm a king. I don't want to act like one.
I'm going to enjoy myself untill they pull me away!

Monday, August 15, 2011


I'm in a cloud... I died... What can you really say when your dead.
I have to watch in horror and disgust as Adam takes the throne by force and right.
He is now the eldest of the three siblings left. Two are sad and one is not... I really don't know what to say.
Adam forced his way into the castle with his band of ruffians and now is the leader of my kingdom. Can anything go worse? Well considering I'm DEAD, probably not.
Come to think of it what the heck am I doing? I'm dead why am I just sitting here in a cloud talking to myself. Is this really what the afterlife is like? Witnessing all the crimes from a birds eye veiw and not being able to do anything? I don't have any messengers or telephone or way to give myself a body to help people?
Ok I really thought dying would be a lot cooler...

Sunday, August 14, 2011

My last wish

I write this with a feeble hand and heart for I have been poisoned. It's not fair, I have a life, a kingdom, a brother to bring to justice! Adam must repent but it might be too late. It doesn't matter how I was poisoned because theres no cure for it in these ages. And who do you think was blamed first for it? You guessed it, Adam.
I don't believe he did but my people won't listen, they're sure it was him.
The doctors are hoping for a miracle and lots of quiet for me so I had to sneak this entry, my last wish is that Adam be forgiven.
I must rest.