About My Diary

This blog is a story blog and is meant to be read from the first post, if you read it out of order it might not always make sense. This story is in no way connected with my other one except by the fact that they are both written by me.

Friday, August 12, 2011

A close call and the point of no return.

It was too close, oh the bomb that is. It was an inside job and all my servants are being interrogated but it was going to be pretty bad if it went off. The bomb was situated in the hay pile above the stable, it would have taken out almost all the roof. A stable boy managed to find it when turning the hay. It was very lucky because the hay in the loft is only turned every month and the bomb only had three hours till detonation. We defused it by dumping it into the river (old bombs used black powder I knew that and watertight cases weren't invented yet). Since security is very tight on the outskirts of town who could have done it but Adams group. It disappoints me because I hoped he wouldn't go too far with it, I don't know if I could redeem him now if he turned himself in or got caught. The question now is, how far will he go? And if he's caught will he repent.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ants helping for once?

Today the ants really helped for a change... It was under circumstances that I wouldn't have preferred but hey.
They helped me by spying on guess who? Adam. Now I know why he was being such a jerk... He's a rebel. He started a rebellion in my city. I used the ants to find their location and numbers
(I just told them if they didn't help there wouldn't be any food to make crumbs and they pitched right in).
I found out when Adam was missing in the morning. I thought he was just going for a walk untill he was seen in the middle of a mob. After he was seen in a mob he was reported to have been hanging up posters, of course not nice ones.
I've tried to hide it from Mary and Henry but the irratic troop movements and the disappearance of their brother at the same time is too timely.
I hope this doesn't get too out of hand and I hope Adam turns around, he might be a jerk but he's my bro.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Younger brother vs. grumpy teenager

Ok, today was just a little wierd. Adam is acting even more resentful, what is his problem?
Is it that his siblings are getting more attention? Or maybe that he doesn't want to be here?
Or maybe that I use too many question marks when writing... I hope not because that would mean he reads my journal.
Anyway, Mary and Henry went off riding today with the hunters (for some reason Adam didn't want to, said he had "business") so I got them out of my hair for today. Of course everything has it's effects and this time the effect was I had to spend more time with Adam. My grumpy older half brother that obviously resentful that I got the throne. I almost wish he had gotten it. I doubt that you've ever had an older step brother that hated you because you were king but if you ever have... You would know how much it stinks spending a whole day with him.
I tried playing board games with him but he always got bored of them. I tried fencing but he would never do anything but lunge at me and since I didn't want to be skewered I tried talking about castles (since he apparently had a nice one himself). But even my last little hope of doing anything with him shriveled up as he cooly ignored me and walked away.
Any suggestions... Dave, if only you could help.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Who wouldn't?

Well today my advisors planned a secret date for me... I don't know if it went well or didn't because I didn't have to entertain her and I don't think shes coming back... So from my perspective that's good.
Mary was delighted when she came over, Henry was his usual self (very annoying) and Adam... teased me about having a girlfriend. Does that guy know how to do anything but be a royal pain? Aha aha, I just made a lame joke.
Well apparently you thought it was funny Dave, considering the fact you just fell onto the floor... Or did I knock you down.
Geeze, now I know I am crazy. Although who wouldn't be by now with siblings over, (that I decided ARE annoying) mutant ants rampaging and secret unwanted dates. I'm starting to kind of wish my break was actually a time to rest, you know try to cure myself of my partial insanity But I guess not.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Cows and cookies

Henry wanted to make cookies today so I got my cook to help (to tell the truth I didn't know how). The ants had never made cookies either and they wanted to help. It took a lot of persuading but I finally got my cook to let them do something, they helped carry the small cup of baking soda and also spread frosting which made them very happy. The way they'd spread the frosting was questionable but cute, they were light enough to walk across the top of the frosting so after the cook was finished baking them to a golden brown they did just that. After walking across the frosting they dragged their feet across the cookie and after a parade or two we had a nicely frosted cookie... With a lot of tiny footprints.
Of course neither Henry nor the cook wanted to eat the three the ants decorated (they even brought over a few sprinkles to put on them) they got to carry them off to split amongst themselves.
Adam was a jerk today! He went through my whole castle commenting on basicly everything.
"I have bigger pictures in my hall", "My servants have more fashionable clothes", "why do you have such old tapestries?"
For some reason he wanted to tear down everything I had since he didn't get the crown (that I don't know how I got).
I wish He was just a cow because he sure is jerky.