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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ant antenna the new way

Heya been kinda busy Dave, but I'm back. I know I've been neglecting you but I hope I can remember better. The ants have been working hard and came up with a device that can transmit sound over many miles. I knew this as a "radio" I think, my memories are a little fuzzy about some things.
If we can get just a little bit more range on it we could use it to spy on the jerks attacking us. It's small enough that a beetle and a small troop of ants could carry the whole transmitter and microphones around and set it up. The microphones are set up in key locations marked by our spies (which can get in but have trouble eaves dropping by the way) and then they send the sound to the transmitter and according to the ants that sends it to the receiver. I don't know how efficient it would be with multiple microphones because there could be multiple conversations... I guess for ants though this is very advanced as it is so I shouldn't expect it to be perfect.
I hope this wonderful friendship between us and the ants can continue, along with my positive mindset.